The Earrings

All Philly Cowdrey Design earrings are hand-crafted from polymer clay, a very lightweight and waterproof ceramic. You'll be surprised how light even my largest designs are!

Every piece of colour is individually cut from clay, combined then layered together to create each distinct and unique design. Each piece is then sanded, scrutinized and finally hand lacquered before being assembled.

Not all these steps are essential to create earrings but after being disappointed by the "quality" of handmade jewellery I've personally purchased in the in the past, my purpose in going the extra mile is to ensure each piece of jewellery is the highest quality for my customers.

All earring backings are 100% hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel.


The Scarves

All Philly Cowdrey scarves are made from luxurious 100% silk Crepe-de-Chine, a stunning light-weight silk fabric I’ve chosen not only for its texture, soft handle and graceful drape but also it’s ability to truly express my colourful designs on both sides. Designed for the colourful in mind.

All designs by original creations by myself then printed and manufactured in Australia.  With so many amazing designers and artists in Australia I have purposely kept it local!